Just like any other material or living thing, our homes also tend to get outworn over time. For homeowners, at some point over the years, home improvements will be necessary. Typically, in a Filipino home set-up, home renovations happen due to the following reasons:

  • Damage caused by disasters such as fire, flood, typhoon, and other natural calamities.
  • Provide a bigger space for their growing family.
  • Improve the comfort, structures, and overall appearance of their own space.

As for Filipinos who use their property for renting to gain extra income, renovations are done to increase the value of their property.

Whatever reason you may have in planning out your home renovation, the very first thing you have to consider is your budget. Do you have enough money for it? In terms of practicality, note that using all your savings for your home improvement is never a good choice.

One viable alternative if you don’t have enough funds is to apply for a loan online. Doing so will not only help you achieve your home improvement project, it will also aid you in managing your finances.

In the Philippines, there are different ways where you can acquire the cash you need for your home upgrades:

  • Housing loan
  • Home equity and Home loan refinancing
  • Personal loan

While it’s not arguable that some home improvements may also come with a hefty price. It’s always good to have other possible financial reinforcements to help you out in your pursuit.

In this blog post, we will be focusing on obtaining a Personal loan to fund your needed home upgrade.

From Personal Loans, Salary Loans, and Business Loans to Small Business Loans, you can procure any of these types of loans in just 3 easy steps. Apply for your Loan, wait for the decision within 1-2 days, and receive your borrowed cash in 2- 3 working days.

Applying for a Personal Loan online for your home renovation:

A Personal loan can be used for different purposes. In applying for a Personal loan online, you may have the advantage of:

Fixed and lower interest rate

The interest rate will be applied throughout your repayment term. What’s good about online loans, in general, is that they have a somewhat lesser interest rate compared to others.

Furthermore, repayment periods for Personal loans are shorter, meaning you can easily pay back your applied loan in a shorter period.

Convenient Application

In applying for a Personal loan online, all you will need is your mobile phone and an internet connection. Since all processes are done online, after your application, you just have to sit back and wait for your loan to be approved. Typically online lenders will only take one to two days to make a decision.

No collateral needed

Another beauty of online loans is that all Borrowers are qualified to apply for a Personal loan or any type of loan. You can apply for loans without collateral or a guarantor.

Why you should apply for a Personal loan

  • Not enough fund
  • Minor home enhancements
  • Fixed monthly budget

Vidalia Lending has helped thousands of Filipinos financially over the years, it has also procured high customer satisfaction with every given service, resulting in customers recommendations for future loan borrowers as well as loan investors.

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