As we look back on the history of the EDSA Revolution, you may feel some sense of responsibility to contribute to the commemoration and preservation of this historical event. 

However, you need some resources to make it happen. While personal loans might not be the first thing that comes to mind, they can play a crucial role in empowering individuals to participate in preserving and celebrating the spirit of EDSA actively. In this blog, we’ll explore four creative ways to commemorate the EDSA Revolution using personal loans.

Brief History of the EDSA Revolution

The spur for the protest came on February 7, 1986, when Marcos won the rigged snap presidential election against Corazon Aquino, the opposition leader’s widow who was killed. The opposition movement rallied around Aquino with the army, religious leaders, and a large number of Marcos’ former clergy. This occasion served as the turning point of the fate of the nation. 

Widespread demonstrations occurred and protesters stopped at Manila’s main avenue, Epifanio de Los Santos Avenue (EDSA). Four days later, Marcos stepped down and departed the country. Corazon Aquino became the eleventh president of the Philippines on February 25, 1986.

Ways to Commemorate the EDSA Revolution

To celebrate the 38th anniversary of the Revolution of 1986, here are some ways to honor the day: 

Curating EDSA Revolution Exhibits

You can take the initiative to curate and display the EDSA Revolution memorabilia through a community exhibit. It doesn’t need to be an extravagant one, but one that will provide the audience with knowledge about the past. 

If you want to curate a bigger exhibit, then, a personal loan can help you. You can use it to fund a rental space, design materials for the exhibit, and even promotions of the event. 

Documentary Projects 

If you are passionate about videography and interested in learning the stories of those who participated in the EDSA demonstrations, then, you can also capture their narrative by initiating a documentary project. 

A documentary project might become known, especially with the use of social media these days. With this, you can reach a larger audience to share the rich democratic history of the Philippines. 

Community Events and Celebrations

Together with your friends, family, and colleagues, you can also host small community events to honor the anniversary of the EDSA Revolution. 

Digitizing and Archiving

You can also contribute to the preservation of historical documents, photos, and videos related to the EDSA Revolution by initiating a digitization and archiving project. You can even do this alone with just the right equipment. 

The crucial thing when it comes to this project is the storage where you will put everything that is about the EDSA Revolution. Hence, you can use personal loans to fund your storage solutions to ensure that these valuable resources are accessible in the digital age.

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Commemorating the EDSA Revolution is not just about reflecting on the past but actively participating in preserving its legacy. People can make a significant contribution to bringing the spirit of EDSA into the present by utilizing personal loans, guaranteeing that the tales of bravery, harmony, and democracy will continue to inspire and speak to future generations.

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