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Welcome to Vidalia Lending Corporation

In need of a loan? Choose Vidalia Lending Corporation. We offer different types of loans to meet your different monetary needs. Get the loan you need at low lending rates and flexible payment terms.

Now, we are also offering other kinds of loans to accommodate the financial needs of professionals based in the Philippines. Through our Personal Loan and Salary Loan, anyone can get money for medical emergencies, home renovation, education and other purposes.

Apply for a loan from us today and see how well we can address your financial needs.

Vidalia Lending provides four main types of short term loans: Personal Loan, Salary Loan, E-commerce Loan and Business Loan.

Vidalia Loan Products

Personal Loan

This is a multipurpose loan product–it can be used for various purposes. This can be availed by almost any Filipino who has a steady source of income.

Salary Loan

This loan product is offered exclusively for salaried individuals, or professionals with regular employment status at their respective companies. Only regular employees are welcome to apply.

E-Commerce Loan

E-Commerce Loan program gives small online merchants immediate access to short-term working capital at competitive interest rate and flexible payment terms.

Business Loan

Business loan product is designed to assist small and medium enterprise (SME) owners by providing additional cash that can be used to fund expansion or support the purchase of new equipment.

Both loans are offered with flexible terms at competitive rates, and can be had with or without collateral.

Vidalia can provide you different types of Salary Loans to secure your various monetary needs. We offer low lending rates and flexible payment terms.

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