Being the breadwinner of your family is not an easy task, at times, it may seem as if you are carrying the world on your shoulder. As a breadwinner, it is your sole responsibility to put food on the table, cover household expenses, and earn a decent income to fend for your family’s needs.

In a typical Filipino family setup, breadwinners may not always be the head of the family. It is very common in our culture for the eldest child to accept the responsibility of becoming the primary income earner of the family.

As a breadwinner, you will be sacrificing a lot for the sake of your family. This may also mean that you will be prioritizing them over yourself. Since the Philippines is characterized as a developing third-world country, you may observe that almost everyone in the country is striving extra hard especially when it comes to finances.

Whether you are a solo parent or any member of the family who takes full responsibility for providing for everyone, here are some money management tips for you to help you out on your financial undertakings:

Know Where Your Money Is Going

In other words, you have to track down all your expenses. Doing so will allow you to assess your financial situation at the moment. Moreover, while you make a list of all your spending, you should also be able to determine your:

  • Net worth
  • Spending
  • Reasons for spending

Give Something For Yourself

As a breadwinner, doesn’t always necessarily mean that you will have to spend all your monthly earnings on your family. Remember that you also have to think about your future. You also have to save something for yourself.

Invest Now

There’s no better time to invest than now, start as early as possible. Being a breadwinner is not an excuse for you to not save or invest. Also, you have to consider that saving alone will not be enough for your financial future.

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Save Some For Your Retirement

As mentioned earlier, becoming a breadwinner of your family doesn’t always have to mean that you will pour out every penny for your family’s needs. Do not tend to neglect your personal financial needs soon. Remember that, you cannot work your whole life.

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Money Management