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Using Personal Loans to Reach Professional Success

The COVID-19 pandemic is continuously taking its toll on the economy and at the same time, in our daily lives. If it is hard to live before, sadly, it is definitely harder today. Several industries have been temporarily shut down and this caused a huge increase in unemployment all around the globe. Eventually, a lot of people consider changing career paths to have an alternative income. However, it is pretty obvious that you will have to spend an amount of money in order for this to happen. This is where personal loans steal the spotlight.  We all know that...

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Different Loan Offers for Different Cash Needs

COVID-19 has definitely put all of us on the edge. It affected us physically, mentally, and financially. All of us are trying to survive these trying times and it is very natural to seek financial help. This is why Vidalia Lending Corp. continuously provides different loan offers to Filipinos.  If you are looking for a hassle-free loan application, you are in the right place. Since 2008, Vidalia Lending Corp. has helped thousands of Filipinos with their financial hurdles. Here are the different loan offers you can find at Vidalia Lending Corp. today! 1. Personal Loan If you need cash...

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Salary Loan vs. Credit Card: Which is Better Amid COVID-19 Crisis?

A lot of businesses across different industries are struggling because of the continuous spread of COVID-19. It is a very sad reality that many Filipinos have lost their source of income because of the pandemic. In the latest Social Weather Stations (SWS) survey, released last August 16, 2020, it was revealed that adult joblessness in the Philippines reached 45.5% in July. This means that over 27.3 million Filipinos have lost their jobs amidst the health crisis. As heartwrenching as it is, the remaining workforce who managed to keep their jobs is having a huge problem in taking care of...

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Borrow Money and Save, Is This Possible?

Saving money is already difficult, what more if you have an existing loan you need to pay? Thus, the real question is, is it possible to borrow money and save at the same time? Well, here is the guide to do just that.  1. Analyze your current financial situation Be honest with yourself. This pandemic has been harsh to all of us, physically, mentally, and financially. Many have lost their jobs and their businesses. Before you make any rash decisions, make sure that you have already accepted the financial state you are currently in. Check all of your accounts...

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Searching for Dependable Online Lenders During the Pandemic

The number of positive coronavirus cases continues to surge every single day. This is just a reminder that although our country has lifted some of the strict quarantine measures, we should still be more vigilant and stay under the safety and comfort of our home as much as possible. However, aside from being a horrible threat to our physical health, COVID-19, clearly have a huge impact on our financial health too. Fortunately, there are still a number of dependable online lenders you can count on even in this time of the pandemic. Thus, here are some tips and reminders...

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