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Money Management Tips For Filipino Breadwinners

Being the breadwinner of your family is not an easy task, at times, it may seem as if you are carrying the world on your shoulder. As a breadwinner, it is your sole responsibility to provide food on the table, cover household expenses and earn a decent income to fend for your family’s needs. In a typical Filipino family set up, breadwinners may not always be the head of the family. It is very common in our culture for the eldest child to accept the responsibility of becoming the primary income earner of the family. As a breadwinner, you...

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Home Renovation Loan For Every Filipino Home Owner

Just like any other material or living thing, our homes also tend to get outworn over time. For homeowners, at some point over the years, home improvements will be necessary. Typically, in a Filipino home set-up, home renovations happen due to the following reasons: Damage caused by disasters such as: fire, flood, typhoon and other natural calamities. Provide a bigger space for their growing family. Improve the comfort, structures and the overall appearance of their own space. As for Filipinos who use their property for renting to gain extra income, renovations are done to increase the value of their...

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OFWs’ Quick Guide to Increasing Money Savings

Truth be told, our Overseas Filipino Workers today are indeed our modern day heroes. These OFWs have dealt with great sacrifices to provide for their own families. Our modern day heroes do not just help their families, they also give huge contributions in the Philippine economy. Billions of dollars from OFWs remittances drive our Philippines economy. However, the sad truth for these overseas Filipino workers is that they have to endure homesickness and several difficult working conditions in exchange for a comfortable living and a better future for their families back home. What’s even worse is that, some of...

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Why Choose Online Loans?

There are actually different financial platforms available everywhere which we can borrow money from. While applying for loans in other financial institutions may also mean the following: A lot of paperwork Good amount of wasted time Great deal of nerves while waiting to speak with the credit assessor Through the inception of online loans, these adversities are now a thing of the past. Online loans offer a much simpler and way faster application process. Vidalia Lending is a well trusted financial institution. You can start applying on our online loans today by filling out our online application. Payment terms...

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Business Loan: The C’s You Need To Consider In Credit Analysis

There is always an element of risk to every venture. Whether you are planning to set up your own business, thinking of expanding your current business, adding an additional workforce to it or preparing to buy more equipment for your growing business. Never let your lack of funding be a hindrance to your steps in moving forward with your business. One option for you to pursue your plans is by applying for a business loan. However, before you may do so, it is best that you assess first whether you are eligible to apply for that specific type of...

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