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Money Date: The Conventions of Finance Love

Whether you are single or in a relationship, your correlation with your finances is something that you must take in seriously. Just like any type of relationship, money matters are something that you must nurture, this concept is also applied to independent individuals. It is also essential that you assess your relationship dynamics with your finances. In simpler terms, it is very important that you make it a habit to also evaluate your financial status and decide your plan of action. When you speak of “money date”,  for couples, it is not just really about the romantic stuff. However,...

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How to Avoid “Monetary Heartbreak” on Valentine’s Day

A financial heartbreak would probably be even more hurtful than an actual heartbreak. What’s even more stressful than not being able to live a comfortable living? Having to experience monetary heartbreak means you are not fully capable of paying your monthly bills, satisfy your needs with your earnings and lastly at least live an adequate life. Worse case scenario is having to experience this type of heartbreak during Valentine’s day, when your supposed to spend it with your special someone. You won’t even be able to appreciate it because, behind this romantic day, you’re actually drowning into a mounding...

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Business Loan Options for Your Startup Business

It is quite understandable for a business which just started in the market to lack in the funding sector. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, over half of the recorded startup firms in 2017 need funding to backup their businesses. Most start-ups tend to struggle in looking for an added capital, also, their resources are quite limited. This is in fact a very challenging part for every business owner. As a business owner, know that you always have options to help you finance your startup business. As time passes, you might need to hire new employees to...

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Other Investment Opportunities to Secure Your Finances in 2019

There is this common stigma that people commonly tend to shy away from when it comes to financial issues. A lot of people would rather not talk about nor share about their financial worries. Most people prefer to just keep it all to themselves rather than seek help for a quick remedy or solution for their finances. Another matter regarding finances that we tend to not deeply look into is the common misconception about “investment”. A lot of people also think that only well knowledged individuals can succeed in any investment venture. What people need to understand is that...

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Reasons for Which You Can Apply for a Peer to Peer Loan in 2019

Peer to Peer Lending has become the one stop solution for people who are in need of urgent financial reinforcements. This type of lending platform not only features a fast and easy online processing, borrowers are also offered the lowest possible amount of money that they could be able to borrow. Today, borrowers seem to prefer to apply for loans to P2P lenders than opt to the traditional way of borrowing money from banks and other financial institutions. Vidalia Lending has different loan offers perfect for your monetary needs! Loan repayments are fixed without any hidden charges. With Vidalia...

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