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Passive Income Ideas to Try Out This 2019

Who wouldn’t want to earn an extra income without having to work as much? Pretty sure every one of us dreams of having to not worry about our financial responsibilities. This is why a lot of effort in improving their career, in growing their business and are also continuously trying to look for other ways to earn a living. Active Income vs Passive Income Part of being a responsible adult is money management and the most important thing involved in money management is your income. Keep in mind that if you aim for financial success, the basic money management...

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Slowly Work Your Way on Becoming Wealthy

“Start building your financial future as early as possible.” ~ this is the usual advice elders would say to young professionals like us. While there is no doubting that this saying is most certainly true in terms of securing your lifelong goals financially and becoming wealthy, it is not actually as easy as it may sound like. Truth be told, a lot of young working adults in this day and age have not yet considered saving nor started to think about becoming financially responsible. For some becoming wealthy may seem to be farfetch, however, with determination, a focused mindset...

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What are Peer to Peer Loans? When Can a Small Business Use it?

Aside from hustling adults who at times are lacking in the financial sector, small business owners can also have the advantage of taking out a loan to add some funds to their businesses. Borrowing money has always been one of the means for people who struggle financially and the origination of Peer to Peer Lending has made it easier for people who are applying for loans to get a hold of their needed money faster and easier. What is Peer to Peer Lending? In Peer to Peer lending investors, who are also called the lenders are matched with borrowers...

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Bad Money Habits That Are Harming Your Finances

When it comes to managing your money, you have to play your cards right. Easy to say right? While this may be a no brainer to anyone, sometimes or if not most of the time, we end up in the pitfalls of splurging. As working-class adults, it is not bad to reward ourselves once in a while. After all, it is our hard-earned money, right? However, we have to be continuously reminded that part of being an adult is to also be responsible for our finances. Do you have any financial goals? Have you started saving for the rainy...

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Why Filipinos Apply for a Personal Loan

At one point in one’s life, asking for some help is inevitable and that is totally fine. This is also true for financial circumstances. Whether you’re a working individual, a breadwinner or a businessman who’s trying to venture into a new business, etc., there are actually tons of reasons as to why people need financial help. In the Philippines, applying for loans has been customary for a lot of Filipinos who are struggling to make ends meet. Financial institutions are a really big help for Filipinos especially in times of monetary emergencies. More so, applying for a Personal has...

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