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#Business Trends: Finding Business Success in the Philippines

It is never easy to start and run a business in any part of the world, but if you are in the Philippines, you know how much harder it is here. To ensure that your business can stand the competition, here are some business trends and tips for you.  1. Know Your Target Market and the Scope of Your Niche As Joel Spolsky once said, “Listen to your customers, not to your competitors.”  Know who your competitors are but do not focus on their achievements. You will just get easily frustrated and stressed out comparing your business to them....

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Using Personal Loans to Make Extra Cash

Getting a personal loan and turning them into investment might be a little risky. However, if you are financially stable enough to pay for your monthly amortization and just looking for other ways to improve your credit score or make extra cash, this idea is not so bad. Once you are confident with your plans and strategies, under the right circumstances, personal loans can be a great way to make money too.  1. Investing in a Business Starting a business using a personal loan is obviously some high-risk investment. Having no assurance that your business will be able to stand...

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When to Spend, When to Save and When to Apply for a Loan

Making a financial decision is never easy, especially if you know how it can greatly affect your future. Planning ahead and knowing the right time to spend, save, and borrow money can be difficult.  Thus, here’s a brief guide to at least help you decide which financial technique is the right one for you this moment.  Spend Money: 1. If you badly need it Before you buy an item, ask yourself first if you really need it. Temptations are everywhere and it’s only normal that you will be confused between your needs and wants.  2. If it is for...

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Money Management Habits You Can Learn from Getting a Salary Loan

Getting a salary loan nowadays is becoming more and more common especially for millennials who cannot quite make ends meet with just their monthly income. However, aside from its obvious benefits, you might get a little shock to know that it can also give you some great learnings about proper money management habits and life, in general. 1. You will be more attentive. Knowing that you have to make a regular payment each month can make you more attentive to everything you spend. You will be more aware and sensible about the money you earn and how you will...

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Lending Terminologies You Need To Know Before You Apply for a Loan

Getting a loan has never been easier than today. Private lending companies and even banks are now only one tap and click away with the use of the internet. You do not have to exert any effort or an ample amount of time just to apply for a loan. However, admit or not, as you only focus on getting your loan approved, you tend to overlook some lending terminologies that you do not really understand. Thus, before you get into some serious debt, here’s a list of important lending jargon you must be aware of.  1. SEC SEC or...

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