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Passive Income Opportunities for OFWs

A big portion of the Filipino population are OFWs. These Overseas Filipino Workers also play a big role in the development of the Philippine economy. Indeed there is no doubting that these migrant workers are also considered our modern day heroes. Although these people might be earning a huge lump of money abroad, they have to make such sacrifices to give their families a somewhat convenient life. This type of practice has always been a part of the Filipino culture and is still a commonality to every family. It seems like every Filipino family has or have an ofw...

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What are the Guarantees of Peer to Peer Lending Investment

Peer to Peer lending is now viewed as the newest innovation to when it comes to any financial situation. As for the owners of this type of financial platform, it is like hitting two birds with one stone. Of course we are all aware that money is a huge part of our day to day lives. However, as highly important as it is, not all are blessed with enough money to meet their needs. This is probably why this kind of financial platform is now becoming greatly known, here in the Philippines. Peer to Peer Lending Investment The Peer...

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The Rise of Peer-to-Peer Lending in the Philippines

There is no doubting that Online loans now have definitely taken the place of banks and other loan credit sources in the Philippines. Nowadays, the demand for instant cash is seemingly progressing and unrelenting. In this desperate time of need, where would you actually run to besides your family? Of course not all of us have enough guts to borrow money from our families. Urgent monetary needs require instant cash and we all know how borrowing with banks works. For someone who is in a dire financial crisis, borrowing from online loans might be your one and only saving...

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Borrowing Money: Top Well-Known Myths About Online Loans

The internet has definitely made our lives a lot more easier. From your number one source of the juiciest gossips, latest news, top trends in almost everything, ordering food and of course let us not forget buying almost anything online. What is even more amazing is that, in our present era, borrowing money has been made even more easier through online. Online lenders have indeed taken the place of banks in terms of loan availment. The inception of Peer-to-Peer has indeed made it possible for people who are in dreary need of money to have immediate financial aid in...

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Myths and Misconception About Peer-to-Peer Lending Investment

Over the past few years Peer-to-Peer Lending has been the top alternative source of income for people who are facing financial crisis. It has also gained its popularity for startups and businesses who lack capital or additional fund. Furthermore, Peer-to-Peer isn’t only a saving grace for people who badly need cash. What makes it more attractive to people is that, in P2P, investment is also possible. Plus, it offers higher returns as compared to other investment platforms. However, despite its fame and proven effectiveness to either borrowers or investors. There are still people who remain septic, some myths have...

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