Desperate times call for desperate measures. A lot of people may agree with me if I say that at one point in their lives, they have borrowed money from someone or from any financial institution. Although a lot of us have regular monthly incomes, there will come a time that the money that you have will not be enough to provide for your needs. Especially for those individuals who have other mouths to feed. To borrow money has become a normal occurrence for everyone. Not everyone is of course born with a silver spoon in their mouths.

However, not all people are open to this certain type of topic. Some people tend to shy away when it comes to talks involving “utang”. What people need to understand is that borrowing money at a certain point in your life is okay, so long as you are able to pay it back. Even business owners borrow money to add up to their business capital.

The concept of “utang” has been in fact, a part of our culture. It is actually a means of surviving through some tough financial troubles. Given this fact, let us give you some ideas where you can possibly borrow enough money for your monetary needs:


A common Filipino money lending scheme that is also a customary practice among friends and co-workers. Paluwagan system happens when a group of people, no matter how many, collects certain amounts from each other and will be placed in a common fund. The group will then decide what will be the line-up, who will be the first one to get the fund, followed by the other members of the group, in chronological order. This will continue until everyone are able to get their shares.

5-6 (Loan Sharks)

Borrowing from loan sharks usually happens when people have financial urgent needs. Despite the overly charged interest rates, some people have no other choice, since they badly need the money.

5-6 is another means for Filipinos to cope with their monetary needs. However, borrowing from loan sharks also means that you have to pay for it immediately otherwise, you will be drowning in debt in no time.

Peer to Peer Lending

Borrowing from a lending company has been the new trend nowadays. These lending companies have also gone digital, making it easier for individuals to borrow money. Furthermore, this is also a good alternative for borrowing money from other financial institutions such as banks, other private financial companies, etc. P2P lending is not only convenient because all processes are done online but also its interest rates are lesser than other financial institutions.

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Applying for loans on banks has always been the traditional way of borrowing money. It is safe and guarantees legitimacy. In applying for loans, banks may ask a lot of documents before you will be granted the amount you are applying for. Making a decision may actually take some time, usually a week or even more.

Here at Vidalia Lending, all procedures are done online, no need for a co-borrower to be credited. The credit decision is within 2 days and you may get your borrowed cash within 2- 3 days. Drop by our website to learn more about our services.