Whether you are single or in a relationship, your correlation with your finances is something that you must take seriously.

Just like any type of relationship, money matters are something that you must nurture, this concept is also applied to independent individuals. It is also essential that you assess your relationship dynamics with your finances. In simpler terms, you must make it a habit to also evaluate your financial status and decide your plan of action.

When you speak of “money date”,  for couples, it is not just really about the romantic stuff. However, it is the one key ingredient for your relationship to achieve financial prosperity. This is just like how you take care of your romantic connection. Constant communication and consideration serve as your firm foundation which can withstand any financial crisis.

Setting a “Money Date”

In setting a money date, it doesn’t have to fall exactly on February 14 or any day of February. Your money date could be scheduled on whichever day works for you or both parties.

During your date, you must be able to ask questions. Moreover, at the same time be prepared with solutions to any dilemmas involving financial matters. Here are some guide questions for single people as well as for all couples out there:

Where do you currently stand financially?

When was the last time you checked your savings account? Do you make frequent audits of your expenses and bills? As for couples, would you like to have joint accounts or separate personal savings accounts? How would you want to split your overall expenses?

Think of your financial goals. What do you ultimately want out of your savings?

What are your plans for the future? Do you have any long-term financial goals? Is your monthly income enough for your lifelong plans? These same questions also go for couples. In addition, both must also decide whether purchasing a home together will be included in plans. Another idea that must be thought of is, would you consider investing to add up to your monthly earnings?

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Talk about retirement?

At what age do you see yourself or both of yourselves retiring? Do you have enough savings for your planned retirement? Decide how far you want to live on before you retire and whether you or both of you have already started saving up for your planned retirement.

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