Who doesn’t want to be a millionaire? Although it is an impossible dream for most of us, it is never wrong to dream. Plus, in the first place, there are some ways to achieve them. Remember that aside from having a job, you can also make use of the trends we have today. Take a look at this list of how to make money online and get your dream started.

1. Be A YouTuber

With the advent of social media sites today, YouTube is just one of the many online platforms out there that can help you generate some real money. The big advantage of being a YouTuber is that Filipinos have fallen in love with the social media platform to the point that it has become a part of their day-to-day lives. Whether you are a chef, a call center agent, a dancer, or a singer, you can use YouTube to share your talents and at the same time, earn some cash. Although you have to take note that watching the video might be easy creating them will require some technical skills too.

2. Invest Online

If you have a capital or a certain amount of savings, why not take this chance and invest? Remember that you can also make your money work for you until it grows bigger and bigger. Patience is one of the most important traits that every millionaire wanna-be must always remember. However, it’s a typical Filipino culture that when we say invest, we automatically mean running to the bank. There’s nothing wrong with it actually, but as an investor, you are missing out on a lot of possibilities to grow your money even more.

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3. Create Your Blog Site

If you think you cannot create content through videos and you are having a problem with your Adobe editing skills, you might want to try writing instead. Writing a blog and creating your website might be a little boring at first, but there’s no harm in trying, right? Who knows if it’s your hidden talent? Plus, just to let you know, although people look like they are engaging more on social media sites, you can earn thousand/s of dollars after you gain readership. This is possible as you can use your website to get clients, sell stuff(both digital and physical products), set up affiliate partnerships, and run ads.

4. Be an Online Seller

Online selling isn’t new to us anymore and people trust the internet today more than ever. According to Hootsuite and Social More, Filipinos alone are spending over 10 hours and 2 minutes a day doing different online tasks. We topped their 2019 survey, leaving Brazil behind us with only 9 hours and 29 minutes. This is only a sign that generating money out of this idea is feasible.

These are just several ways to make money online, choose what you think will work best for you.

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