Investment is all about how much you can risk. However, before you go investing and risking your money, it is important to know that there are actually certain ways to see if a company is legit and trustworthy. Finding all of these traits in one company is ideal but as many attributes that you’ll be able to find, the lower the risk there would be in your investment.

1. Brand Name Recognition

Wherever industry you may be, brand name and brand reputation is and always will be the greatest factor every client focuses on. A famous brand name does not only mean a history of success and clients’ loyalty but the fact that the company has the ability to market their products effectively and bring satisfying results.

2. A Great Management Team

At first, you might get confused on how will you know if a peer-to-peer lending company has a great management team. Well, you can simply start by researching them and knowing their history. If the company has been in the industry for several years, do you think they have gained enough reputation and have a successful track record? Did they change the management before or the company was handled by the same person ever since it has started? If you think they have a reasonable company history and their current standing is great, then it might be great to consider investing in them. 

Investment is all about financial security. If you want to make sure that you will get the most out of your investment, be knowledgeable about the investment platform you want to try. Since 2008, Vidalia Lending has been helping thousands of Filipinos in improving their financial standing through smart investing.

3. Loyal Clients

When a company earns a loyal client, it means that they know to handle, communicate and provide quality products and service to their clients. You will be able to see if a peer-to-peer lending company has any loyal clients if you searched them on Google or on other social media platforms where you can find customer reviews. But of course, beware of fake customer reviews. If the reviews vary from five stars and then suddenly one star, you might want to expand your research in that certain company.

4. Reasonable Investment Returns

Do not be blinded by the high investment returns, most investors fail due to this. Yes, it is very desirable but you must still think if these returns are still reasonable. Do not let yourself get taken advantage of either way. Research the current basic returns and might as well, be contented about it at the beginning. If you think you have built enough portfolio, find an investment platform that will offer you the above-average interest rate and invest a little bigger than before.

5. Secured Capital

Well, it is a little unusual for a peer-to-peer lending platform to offer secure capital to investors. Most investment platforms promise great returns but do not even guarantee the security of their investment capital. Thus, you are really indeed lucky if you will be able to find one. 

Having second thoughts about investing your money because you’re worried about your capital? At Vidalia Lending it is our primary duty to protect and secure our investor’s money. We know how much you worked hard for it and thus, we only offer you nothing but great investment returns. Visit our invest page for more details.

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