Are you tired of dancing to the unstable tune of the stock market? If the complexity of the market as well as the volatility gives you anxiety, keep in mind that there are other, clever ways to invest money aside from stocks and mutual funds.

No one has become wealthy by putting all of their money in a mutual fund with a 5% return. In the end, you have to diversify your ways of investing and sometimes you have to increase your risk tolerance.

Nowadays it is no surprise if more innovative investments are being introduced. Most of these new investment opportunities are more secure as well. Time to review your strategy when it comes to investing and here are clever ways to do so:

Marketplace Lending

Marketplace lending which is also known as peer-to-peer lending is people lending money to other people. Places like Prosper and LendingClub connect investors and borrowers. This kind of lending is much more fruitful for both of the parties since there is less interest for the borrowers and investors can earn high returns.

But if you have no access to those sites or prefer a local company operating in the Philippines then Vidalia Lending loan investment is your best choice. This investment product is like a time deposit of the banks but gives the highest returns and is secured by post-dated check (PDC)

Invest in Vidalia Lending and receive monthly interest earnings deposited to your bank account. You can start earning and start saving up for your future needs. To learn more about our services and how to apply, visit our website today and take advantage of our services.

Real Estate

Since the crash in 2008, a lot of real estate prices are still recovering. This means that an average investor can find good deals and be able to add real estate to their portfolios. But if you don’t pay a management company, being a landlord will take time, resources, and expertise.
However, there are now alternatives to remove the hassle of direct ownership. RealtyShares, RealtyMogul, and Fundrise are these alternatives. With these sites, you don’t have to scout properties, save a down payment, secure financing, and handle day-to-day management. You can find pre-vetted deals and easily invest in shares of real estate online.
This marketplace may obligate you to be an accredited investor and minimums may be high per deal. Even though the returns may vary it will always be around 8% to 20%.

Retirement Account

Investing through a retirement account isn’t new however it is proven to be one of the smartest ways to create financial security.
The hassle of investing is lessened because contributions to workplace retirement plans come from payroll deduction which means it is automatically deducted.

Paying down debt

A lot of people think that paying off debt does not count as an investment but it is the only financial move that will ensure a guaranteed return. When you pay off a credit card that charges 18%, that is equivalent to earning 18% on an investment after taxes.
You do not need to pay all of your debt immediately. When you pay them off one by one you reduce the amount of interest that increases therefore saving you money.

Invest in yourself

People always think of where to invest. They tend to overlook that one of the most profitable is to invest in yourself. Always try to learn new skills that will help you in the growth of your career. Even after you have graduated from college, educate yourself.
There are a lot of websites that offer unlimited online courses. Some of them are paid some of them are free. A lot of them vary depending on your interest.

Traditional ways of investing money are not bad but you have to try new ones to grow. Don’t be stuck in the old ways and keep learning ways to invest your money smartly. Keep learning and keep growing.

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