Investing in Personal Loans and Business Loans

Our peer to peer lending platform with manage feature avoids the risk and work of direct lending. Vidalia secures your capital while earning great returns

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Loan Investors
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Money from investors are accepted and ready to lend to borrowers
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Loan Funds
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The Loan funds are release to the approved loans (lite, personal, salary, business loans)
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Your Loan Investment

How Loan investing works

Getting started with Vidalia Lending.

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1. Open an account

Creating an account is fast and simple. Apply online from anywhere.

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2. Fund the account

Transfer as little as ₱5,000 to Vidalia Lending account by cash or check, mobile or online banking.

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3. Received confirmation

Email confirmation after account activation. Option for postal mail delivered to your address available.

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4. Earning

Get your capital + earnings on loan maturity date. Premium account enjoy monthly pay deposited to your bank.

Benefits of manage peer to peer Lending

Investing in the loans and your money secured by Vidalia gives you stability and solid cash returns.

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Loan investment returns

Our typical loan investors are earning 1.0%-1.50% per month or roughly 18% per year.

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Capital protected

Your money invested on the loans secured by Vidalia Lending. No worries if borrowers are delayed on payments.

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Monthly cash flow

Enjoy regular cash flow if you opt for higher loan investments. Monthly/Quarterly earnings deposited to your bank account.

500 +

Loan Investors

16,000 +

Loan Borrowers

Thousands Happy Customers

Happy Customers

Here’s how the math works

Here's a hypothetical example on how loan investment works for investors. You won't lose money since Vidalia lending will secure your capital. You dont have to worry if borrowers repay the loans or not. Loan selection, approval, and collection is on us.

Ave interest rate of loans in the platform1
Loan Fees (processing, late payment)2
Overhead Cost 3
Estimated charge-offs and borrower defaults4
Loan Investor average return5
Annualized Net Return for Vidalia
= 61%

1 - annual average of monthly interest on range of 4%-15%. loan terms are 1,2,3,6,9,12 months

2 - processing fees of approved loans, late payment fees.

3 - cost of running business (rent, salary, tax, etc)

4 - It is inevitable that some loans will be charge-off. Those are non performing loan (NPL) and will handled by our recovery and legal team. We may still collect from these accounts.

5 - represents the weighted average interest rate given to the loan investment accounts.

Check How Much You Can Earn

Join these investors and earn solid earnings

  • Customer Testimonails

    I was able to join even though I'm an OFW in Dubai. All procedures were done online so I didn't need to go to Manila to sign docs. They give option to send me a bank check or bank wire transfer as future payment.

    Alex B.
  • Customer Testimonails

    Last year I pulled out from a bank and invested on this platform. With manage feature, they will help you with loan selections. Best of all my money is secured so i don't have to worry about late payments on the loans.

    Patricia M.
  • Customer Testimonails

    I lost most of my money when I tried stock trading at the PSE. My friend referred me here. The P2P loan investment platform of Vidalia is for people who are busy and can't monitor their account daily.

    Mark C.
  • Customer Testimonails

    I am a businessman from Cebu who invested some of my funds to Vidalia Lending. I prefer the 1 year ROI than bank time deposits (1.5%) and corporate bonds (5%). I also get my monthly earnings deposited straight to my bank!

    Daniel T.
  • Customer Testimonails

    I tried informal lending to my officemates and friends. But after I heard about the investment program, I joined because I can now lend money and protected by the security of the company. and I don’t have to handle the marketing and the collection.” No more worries about non payment of borrowers

    Kevin D.
  • Customer Testimonails

    The earnings here are reasonable, it ranges from 2%-18%. Very convenient online process While customer service is great!

    William S.

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Vidalia Lending will secure your capital when investing in our loans giving you protection against loan borrowers. With our manage peer to peer investing platform you get predictable earnings. Our lending team will handle the loan process from start to finish in your behalf.

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