Our present technological innovations have certainly made it easier and possible for all people to apply for loans. Thanks to online loans, borrowing money for such urgent financial needs is just a few clicks away.

Online loans are not just simply for personal financial uses. Online lenders offer different types of loans for different purposes. Aside from online personal loans, other types of loans such as business, small business, and salary loans are also up for grabs.

Whether it is for an unexpected medical emergency, in preparation for your dream wedding, to fund a new business venture, or simply for added cash on your tight budget, getting online loans will most certainly do you wonders.

However, although this type of financial aid is very convenient, being mindful of the terms of your chosen online lender is a must. Educate yourself about the process and the payment policies to avoid such hassles while applying or even in your repayment.

Quick Application Tips:

Look for different online lenders

There are a ton of online lenders available within your reach. What is important is that you have to read through all the terms and conditions because repaying is most likely in a short amount of time. Failure to comply with your on time will result in a much higher rate of interest.

Always check the loan costs

Be able to compare all various loan offers from different lenders. In checking each lender’s loan costs, you also have to consider: the processing fee, initial down payment, and most importantly thing is the interest rate.

Make sure it is repayable on time

Online borrowers must always keep in mind that: late payments result in an increased cost of repayment. Extra charges will surely add up if the loaned money remains to be unpaid on the due date.

Vidalia Lending offers a variety of loans. You can choose from our Personal loan, Salary loan, Business loan, and Small Business loan. All interest rates are lower than the usual rates offered by other loan providers. Be able to borrow without any collateral and you won’t need a co-borrower to be credited.

Types of Online Loans:

Personal loan

This is probably the most common type of loan. A personal loan is often used in debt consolidation, for house improvements, and for other personal expenses such as vacations, weddings, etc.

Salary loan

Usually referred to as “cash advances”, this type of loan can either be paid in full or in installments when borrowers receive their next paycheck. Salary loan amounts are based on the borrower’s gross amount each pay period.

Small business loan

One common dilemma faced by other small business owners is the lack of enough funds. Online loans have gained popularity in terms of small business loan availment. This is because banks have recently cut down on loans to small businesses.

Business loan

The demand for online business loans continues to rise this year. Compared to an online small business loan, a business loan usually offers a much somewhat higher amount of money than one can borrow.

Vidalia Lending has been known for its services since 2008. We have reached over thousands of Filipinos and provided them with their financial needs. To avail of our loan, all you have to do is fill out our online application form, wait for our call within 48 hours, and get a hold of your borrowed cash in 2-3 working days.

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