A big portion of the Filipino population is OFWs. These Overseas Filipino Workers also play a big role in the development of the Philippine economy. Indeed there is no doubting that these migrant workers are also considered our modern-day heroes.

Although these people might be earning a huge lump of money abroad, they have to make such sacrifices to give their families a somewhat convenient life. This type of practice has always been a part of the Filipino culture and is still a commonality to every family. It seems like every Filipino family has or have an ofw relative/s.

Given our present economic intricacies, having just one income source may not fulfill one’s earthly desires and needs. This remains true especially with individuals who have mouths to feed.

Income Generating Sources for OFWs:

As for Overseas Filipino Workers, you cannot live your whole entire life away from your family. What’s even worse is that, with the rising daily costs of living and the mounding bills, your hard-earned money one day might not be enough.

Now is the perfect time to think wisely on how you will be able to grow your money and who knows, in the nearest future, you won’t have to work overseas to provide for your family. There are numerous options where you can still earn while focusing on your current main job.

Passive Income:

When we speak of passive income, this is also pertaining to the cash you earn on a regular basis. However, it doesn’t require much effort before earning it, or for some no effort at all.

Passive income streams will need you to commit to either of these two:

    • Upfront monetary investment
    • Upfront time investment

To help you further understand these two, let us give you some passive income options for you to ponder on:


Probably the first thing that most people might think when we speak of passive income is “stock investment”. This is where you are required an upfront monetary investment. You also need to undergo extensive research for you to understand how this type of investment works. Investing wisely in the stock market will have you a residual income over time.

Peer-to-Peer Lending

In Peer to Peer lending, or what others call P2P, you will lend money to borrowers with urgent financial needs. You can also spread out your invested amount to alleviate your risks. There are a lot of Peer to Peer lending platforms that you can invest in online.

Start investing as early as possible and improve your quality of life in the future! With Vidalia Lending, you can invest as low as P5,000, you can also earn greater returns when you opt for higher placement terms.


This is a form of insurance or investment entitling the investor to a series of annual income. However, before you can make this type of investment, you have to talk to a financial advisor first.

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Passive Income