An article by Financial Times caused an uproar when it suggested millennials would need to pay £800 (or over Php 5,000) a month into their pensions for a comfortable retirement. The said article went viral and propagated more Twitter sass and cat means than any of other Financial Times write ups, according to a follow-up article last Friday. The amount of £800 per month was based on the average monthly saving people need to generate a comfortable retirement.

Realistically speaking, workers would save less during their 20’s compared to when they get older and receive higher salary. The article also took a non-judgmental look at the hardships millennials are facing – from getting employed and ensuing global recession to the problems many are having when it comes to getting to the property ladder.

In the Philippines, an employee earns more or less Php 350 a day. Lucky enough if you can get a job that pays Php 500 or above. Majority of Filipino millennials expect to remain or even achieve a better life style and comfortable retirement in the future.

However, according to an insurance provider Manulife, only seven percent of the millennials have monthly savings. There are only eight percent who have applied for a quarterly plan. On the other hand, some millennials (28 percent) make irregular investments “when they feel like it” while 21 percent invest depending on the market’s movement. Manulife Philippines President and CEO Ryan Charland explained that millennials seemed to be aware of their future need.

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The road to a comfortable retirement

These days, younger people do not have the luxury to ignore money matters anymore. Now the question is, “what can millennials do to have a more solid financial foundation?” Here are some tips to get the most of your income to secure a comfortable retirement in the future:

1. Learn to take advantage
Learn to take advantage of the sharing economy. Uber and AirBnb are sharing services that display advantages to people on both sides of these transactions.

People in their 20’s might not have their own house, so they might be unable to make extra cash renting out a room. However, they can save a little if they pay less for holiday accommodations when using the site or one of its rival.

You can also rent out your passenger seat if you own a car or when you have a long journey through or If you don’t have a car to rent, you can simply be a user and lessen your transport costs.

2. Prioritize your debts
It’s common for millennials to fall into debts. Thus, it is important to pay these debts immediately in order to prevent further complications.

However, you must know which one you should pay immediately. You must rank your debts accordingly and pay the most expensive one first.

3. Seek a better savings account
If you have a savings account, it might be wise to seek a bank that will give you better returns. 

Peer-to-peer lending (P2P) is a new form of finance that involves customers lending spare cash to other individuals. This method cuts out the banks and the rates for both parties. 

4. Get free pension cash
It is definitely not easy to save at least Php 3,000 a month. You should try joining the company’s pension if it has one. Most company add cash of their own to your contributions, so you are definitely missing out if you are not signed up for it!

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