According to Invetopedia, investment is an asset or an item that is purchased with the hope that will generate income or appreciate in the future. This could be in a form of income or an asset appreciation. 

Vidalia Lending offers an investment program with fixed returns. This program is a manage peer-to-peer investing secured by the company itself. If you want to start an investment and you only have P5,000 – here are some investment options that you can choose to start earning for your future.

Mutual Funds: For the Newbie Investors

Mutual funds allows most of the investors to pool their money. This money can be used to experienced fund managers to buy carefully specific stocks or other assets from large and stable companies. Furthermore, mutual funds take the stress away from you who want to invest in the financial markets. This is because mutual funds are handled by professional fund managers who choose the right investment for you.

For example:

Investing your P50,000 in a well-managed mutual fund will spread over numerous companies in which the fund is invested. This assortment of mix investments is called a diversified portfolio. Which is an effective way to lessen your risk investment for you.

Stock Market: The Risk – Takers

The stock market is where you buy and sell shares of companies – a high risk investment. When you buy stocks, you essentially become a part-owner. As a matter of fact, some shares sell for less than a peso. The disadvantage of investing in stock market is that the stock market is a high-risk investment, clearly not for the faint of heart because it can fluctuate madly and you can lose your hard-earned money in an instant.

This is an ideal investment option only if you have the time and dedication to regularly monitor your stock portfolio.

Business: For The Top Bettors

Starting your own business requires many things. You need to consider the product or services that you want to sell and how are you going to start a business with only P 5,000 as your fund.

The good thing of having your own business – You have total control. You are your own boss and you can be as passive or aggressive or both when it comes to the phasing you want your business to have but doing it is a lot harder than what it seems. With a little capital and a lot of creativity, dedication, and effort it will take off.

All you need to do is to be creative and dedicated to start your business.

There’s No Such Thing as a Risk-Free Investment

There is always a little risk involved when it comes to growing your money. The good thing is that mutual funds are managed by experts and experienced professionals who have gone through the kind of education and training to effectively grow the funds under their management and at the same time, protect the funds in times of economic decline. If you’re planning to go in the stock market and business route, you’ll have to put more effort. It’s a bit complicated but if these efforts were put in the right avenues, you are the clear winner.

If you are convinced that mutual funds is for you, get in touch with companies offering it in the Philippines.You could also go to a broker you know that can help you purchase shares. Lastly, if you’re with starting your business, ask some friends or learn few tips on how others started theirs.

For as low as P5,000, you can start investing in Vidalia lending. Get higher returns when you opt for longer placement terms. Application is done online and you won’t even have to worry whether loan borrowers repay or not, our investment team issues post-dated checks to investors for secured returns.

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