As we age, there are multiple changes and responsibilities that keep on coming in our lives. These give us new and different challenges to face as we move forward with our day to day living. Eventually, these all come to measure our dedication and on how we are going to get through despite the fact of having other dilemmas that keep on holding us back from prioritizing our primary needs.

By the time when we move up to the stage of what we call “adulting,” it is also the time when we can actually decide for our own. Especially when we start receiving money from our own hard work and effort, there will be times that it will be hard for us to control ourselves from too much spending.

In spending money, we should be more practical and thrifty before we reach the point of no return. As we grow and mature, it is important to exactly know how to spend our money wisely so we can build wealth in the future. Not only for us but also for our successors who will benefit everything that we have worked hard for.

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If you feel little worry about your spending, consider the following money-wasting behaviours below and see how you should avoid these to help you gain wealth.

1. Buying drinks

Most of the adults’ hangout after getting off from work is going straight ahead to happy hour and having a few drinks to unwind. It is okay to make yourself entertained for awhile, but the problem is, happy hour can usually take most of your budget.

Putting all your money to buying alcoholic drinks might risk your health and make your wallet empty. Alcohol consumption can really badly affect your health. Instead of earning money, you will end up spending more for your hospital bills. Keep in mind that it’s important to cut this money behaviour in your life and start investing monthly to help you start building wealth for the things you really need.

2. New clothes

When you finally get your first job, you might find it hard to control yourself from excessively buying clothes. You might be too eager to stay on trend or will always be on the lookout for something new. The worst thing is you might habitually spend thousands of peso for your clothes without noticing the other expenses that should be on top of your needs.

On the contrary, there are easy and thrifty ways to make your bad habit into good. You don’t need to buy expensive clothes for your everyday living. You can dress well without ruining your wallet, like buying the ones on sale or from stores that offer great discounts. There are many kinds of deals that offer quality clothes in cheap prices. Just always be wise to help you make your money grow.

3. Credit card debt

Paying for a credit card debt is normally the reason why your spending is always out of control. Adults use credit cards because, aside from the fact that this can be used for purchasing, this also have other advantages. You may pay for your balances each month and you may even use this for travel perks and get rewards. However, if you can’t use credit cards responsibly, you can skip from using it. Rather use a debit card or pay in cash instead so you won’t trouble yourself and worry about paying your every month.

4. Buying a home

When you are in the adult age, it’s when you will start to also think of buying your own house. However, aiming for that doesn’t mean you are already well-financed to make a decision in pouring out money like that.

Before proceeding to buy a new home, why not try to rent first, at least in this way, you can continuously save money. It will take a lot of time, patience and good amount of self restriction from spending too much. Practice good spending habit and save as much as possible for you to be able to purchase your dream home sooner than ever.

5. Car payment

Almost every adult has dreamt of owning a car. Owning your own car could be a great relief, you won’t have to endure the long lines of public transport daily when you go to work. You will also have the advantage to go wherever you want, whenever you want to.

Planning to buy a new car can really tear your wallet apart. So it’s better to be wise in spending your money, be able to classify which things are your wants and needs. Commuting is way cheaper, you just need to exert an added effort to wake up extra early for you to not be late at work.

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