Online Lending Platforms, specifically peer-to-peer platforms have been one major source for borrowers who are in dreary need of quick cash with lesser conditions and terms.

Peer-to-Peer Lending platforms allow people to either borrow cash or invest their surplus money and earn fixed returns monthly. One advantage for both parties is that, it is very convenient.

As an investor, before you invest in any financial institution, the best thing to do is to investigate. Research all about your chosen lending platform before diving into your new venture. Learn the ropes and be able to incorporate everything you have learned for you to achieve success.

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There’s nothing more alarming than making an investment without even taking the time to get to know the company. If you’re planning to grow your money through a P2P Lending platform, here’s another heads up before you proceed with your investment:

Check if the lending platform is regulated

An unregulated business may have the inner workings of illegal practice. There is a bigger chance that you might be losing your invested money. However, peer-to-peer platforms are required to comply with the rules and regulations of CIC before they can operate.


Diversification is the key to avoid any substantial risks. Spread out your investment to lower your risks of loss. Disperse your investment to increase your investment volume and in return earn more profit.

Check the default rate

Defaults are inevitable for lending platforms or any financial institution. There will always be borrowers who won’t be able to repay their loans. It might be intentional or the borrower is no longer capable of repaying his or her loaned amount.

The default rate is a reflection of the company’s effectivity. As an investor, you need to check whether the company has displayed its default rate on the its website.

Read all provisions

Read even the slightest details and understand the fine print before investing. Be able to pinpoint what will happen if the borrower suddenly decided to default on the loan you have funded. What will happen with your investment if in case there is a recession? Does the Lending Platform have any contingency plan to secure all investments.

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