You can find a lot of great articles about investment, however, you will realize that they are just only going on about the same thing. Starting from planning ahead for your future to choosing a wise investment, up to understanding inflation and interest rates. However, the reality is that we are all in different financial situations and sometimes we just want to read the exact investment tips that we need.

Situation #1: You want to start investing but if you do, your money will only be enough for your bills.

It’s a fact that Filipinos are not much of a saver and if you are one of them, it’s not surprising that you are dealing with this situation. However, as the old notion goes, “If there’s a will, there’s a way.” So, to solve this dilemma, you can:

1. Lessen your expenses

Of course, you should. The lesser you spend, the more savings you’ll have.

2. Think of ways to generate extra income.

Aside from having a job, you might be capable of doing other freelance work and put your talents to use (baking, cooking, crafting, writing, etc.)

3. Start investing in your education or career to get a raise or find a better job.

Credentials do magic when it comes to achieving high paying jobs. Grab the opportunity to acquire new skills wherever it comes to you.

Situation #2: You want to earn money to invest but you think you might have to work till you’re gray and old.

This situation is interconnected with the first one, but this might probably apply more to those people who think that their shining moment already passed their lives. If you are one of them, this is a reminder that you’re still not too late and you can start pondering about the following investment tips instead:

1. Identify the things you own and the things you owe.

You must be aware of your assets and liabilities to determine your current financial standing and then come up with a financial plan.

2. Your financial goal.

You will not be able to come up with a financial plan if you do not have a solid financial goal. How do you see yourself in the future? Are you looking forward to buying something? What are the other expenses you should be ready for?

3. Planning

This step is where you will seriously navigate your needs and wants. For example, your goal is to achieve a certain amount of money for your investment and you plan to save up for it. Thus, instead of prioritizing your closet, you will now only focus on filling up your cupboard with your food necessities.

4. Execution

Once you are perfectly aware of your financial standing, your plans, and your goals, you can now proceed to the execution. To make sure that you are not going out of your plans, try to avoid temptations because it will truly help. It might be hard at first but if you are determined enough, you will surely reach your goal.

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Situation #3: You want to invest but you are confused and you don’t know where to start.

It is really weird that knowing too little is confusing but knowing too much is just the same. Even in investing, this context also truly applies. There are a lot of investment opportunities that awaits you out there. Starting from stock, time deposit, bond, up to owning a business. It’s not surprising that you will be really stressed out where you will invest your money. However, another investment tip, put your investment on something that you can handle and know your risk tolerance.

As an example, aside from requiring too much capital, a business will also require you to handle a lot of decision-making and operational activities. If you know that you cannot manage such tasks, better try other investment options.

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