Borrowing money has been a common practice to basically almost all Filipinos. The “Utang” concept has been a part of the Filipino tradition for decades. Furthermore, borrowing some cash to meet every family’s daily demands has somewhat become a normal occurrence in the Filipino culture setup.

However, given that the Philippine economy has most likely been in a tug-of-war ever since. You can never blame the people to find other ways for financial sources just to meet their needs. With our economic push and pull, at one point, there will certainly come a time that you will be forced to borrow some money.

Common Reasons Why Filipinos Get a Loan:

Payment for Debt

Paying your debt with another debt may seem like a pretty bad idea, however, it is actually one remedy to free one from incoming payment dues.

Business Venture

Another possible reason why Filipinos apply for loans is for them to start a new business. Now, for some people, this might be viewed as a bad idea in starting a business venture, keep in mind that it is not about where you start, it is where you end up. The lack of capital must not hinder you from pursuing your business goal.

Preparation for a Big Milestone

In preparation for every milestone, whether it is for your dream wedding, for the new member of the family, a major house repair or a house renovation, know that there are always loans to back you up on your financial incapabilities.

Medical Emergencies

Let’s face it, not everyone has their own savings or even emergency savings fund. Unforeseen medical emergencies can happen anytime and not every individual is financially ready for it.

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Where to Borrow Money:

Now that we have laid out the common reasons why a lot of Filipinos resort to utang, let us give you a list of options where you can borrow money:

5/6 Lending

This type of lending started specifically in the ’70s by some Indian nationals and from that day forward, it was then adopted by everyone. Despite its interest rate which may reach as high as 20%, Filipinos are still making use of this financial source for their day to day living.


As for paluwagan, it is usually done within a circle of friends, neighborhood or at work. In paluwagan, all members of the group will have to give a certain amount of money. The amount given by every individual will depend on what everyone has agreed upon.

The pooled fund will then be given to the first person in the “casting lot” or in our local term “bunutan”. It will remain a continuous process until everyone has received their shares.

Private Lenders

Private lenders, specifically online private lenders have been on the top go-to financial aid for almost all Filipinos in our present time. These private lenders offer short-term loans, with minimal requirements as compared to banks and other financial platforms. Plus, loan approval can be done just within 24-48 hrs from the online application.

Here in Vidalia Lending, all you need to do is to visit our website for your application, follow the steps and wait for our call. Submit the required documents online and get your borrowed cash within 2- 3 days.