When it comes to eyewear, the Philippines offers a diverse range of local brands that combine style, quality, and affordability. Whether you’re in need of prescription glasses, searching for the perfect pair of sunglasses to complete your outfit, or looking for specialized eyewear, there’s something for everyone.

With the convenience of personal loans, upgrading your vision and style has never been easier. In this blog, we will give you background information about the eyewear brands in the Philippines that stand out in the market.

Go-To Eyewear Stores in PH

Here are Philippine eyewear brands that offer trendy designs and quality craftsmanship, making them worth considering for your next eyewear purchase using your personal loan: 

Sunnies Studios

You can never go wrong with Sunnies Studios when looking for eyewear that matches your needs and trendy tastes. This brand is known for its trendy and affordable sunglasses and prescription glasses. They can offer a diverse range of styles to cater to your distinct taste in eyewear. 

Using your personal loan, you don’t need to break your budget. You can pick your favorite eyewear from Sunnies to elevate your style and serve its purpose. 

Sarabia Optical

Are you looking for a tried-and-tested brand for your eyewear? Then, Sarabia Optical is the one for you. With a legacy dating back to 1906, it is one of the oldest eyewear brands in the Philippines. You can use your loan and opt for their frames with modern designs that exude elegance and sophistication. 

Executive Optical

Searching for hassle-free eyewear? Executive Optical is one of the biggest chains of optical stores in the Philippines and one of the most reputable when it comes to all things related to eyewear. You can’t miss the chain’s well-lit, all-blue storefronts, but EO is most known for its viral billboards. 

In addition to its several brands, EO provides eyeglass packages, the least expensive of which is P900, that include multicoated lenses.

Ideal Vision

You can also consider a brand that boasts a wide range of eyewear brands under its umbrella like Ideal Vision. It can offer you ample choices to find the perfect pair of glasses. With their affordable pricing and frequent promotions, you can get quality eyewear without breaking the bank.

Vision Express

Based in the United Kingdom, Vision Express is a terrific brand for the newest trends as well as some basic solutions that work perfectly. It’s just a reliable store that sells the greatest sunglasses in Manila. 

Keep an eye out for the retailer’s periodic flash sales, which take place all year long. Additionally, you can purchase a new pair of glasses from this brand with your personal loan.

LS Pascual Optical 

If you want the greatest frames at any cost, LS Pascual is the place to go, with stores at Power Plant Mall and Shangri-La Plaza Mall. It works well for rare pairs that cost more than P50,000 and cult brands that you won’t find at your neighborhood optical shop. After that, you won’t have to go beyond your budget to use your loan for a nice pair.

But all is not lost for those on a budget; LS Pascual has a concept called Vision’ary in Glorietta that caters to a younger demographic with low- to mid-priced items.


The Japanese have long been renowned for their style, technology, and punctuality. Owndays offers an array of benefits, including straightforward pricing, prompt service, and a satisfying after-sale.

Owndays offers nearly every style of aviator glasses, from classic grandfather-style to ultra-thin aluminum frames, to suit any type of face shape. Furthermore, with more than 40 locations around the nation, you can probably find it at any significant mall close to you.

Sunglass Hut

Without a doubt, the largest retailer of eyewear worldwide is Sunglass Hut. Due to Luxottica’s ownership of this massive chain, it features almost every brand you can imagine. 

Only a handful of flagship-style huts have been built since the company’s local opening in 2009, but its smaller businesses, known as havens, are spread around the country.

Magno Optical 

The establishment of Magno Optical dates back to 1965 when Dr. Mauro H. Magno Jr. launched his first location on Avenida in Manila. Since then, it has grown to seven locations throughout Manila.

Magno Optical has kept up with the times, offering the most well-known international eyewear brands in its lineup, so don’t let its lengthy history discourage you. This gives you a great shopping experience when paired with conventional service.

Keep Your Vision Clear with Vidalia Personal Loans

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