Making a financial decision is never easy, especially if you know how it can significantly affect your future. Planning and knowing the right time to spend, save, and borrow money can be difficult.  Thus, here’s a brief guide to help you decide which financial technique is proper for you now. 

Spend Money:

1. If you badly need it.

Before buying an item, ask yourself if you need it. Temptations are everywhere, and it’s only regularly that you will be confused between your needs and wants. 

2. If it is for your health.

It is already 2020, but health is still wealth. Refrain from spending money on your medicines, vitamins, check-ups, or health plans. Remember that your mental and physical health is everything, and you will never be able to earn without it in the first place.

3. If it makes you happy or makes your life more convenient.

Please spoil yourself with the things that make your life easier. If one cup of coffee can make your mornings better, drink it. If doing your laundry in the shop saves you much time, could you do it? Frequently depriving yourself of things that help you continue your life is unhealthy and will not ensure your success. As long as it does not distract your financial goals, do not be too harsh to your self.

4. If it is what you’ve been saving for.

If you are saving money to buy a new car or go on an overseas vacation, it may take months to achieve it. And the longer you work for it, the harder it is to let go. However, remember that money is best spent on its proper goal, and it’s your responsibility to reward yourself for a job well done. 

Save Money:

1. When you have extra income.

Of course, saving money is always good. However, let’s not deny that it is hard, especially if your income can barely make up for your allowance, bills, and other financial responsibilities. If saving money will prevent you from accomplishing even just one of these obligations, maybe it’s not yet the perfect time for you to save money. However, do not panic and take this situation as a wake-up call to look for more opportunities and other sources of income.

2. When you want to achieve a long-term financial goal.

As mentioned above, financial goals such as buying a car, a house, or getting a retirement kit can be long-term. Saving money for some time can be frustrating, but as long as you have a clear goal and strong motivation, you can achieve it.

3. When you have problematic financial periods, you must overcome them.

Some periods of our life will require us to spend more than usual. Birthdays, holidays, vacations, Christmas, and worse, unemployment can be financially stressful, and saving money for them is one of the wisest answers. 

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Apply for a Loan:

1. For Emergencies and Inevitable Expenditures.

Having extra money for emergencies or expenditures is a must, but not all people can provide and earn much. Circumstances such as a typhoon or a car repair can require a considerable amount of money, and sometimes, the best thing to do is to apply for a personal loan. Online loans are now on-trend because lenders provide more accessible loan applications and faster approval.

2. For Immediate Needs.

There are inevitable times when your payday is still a week away, yet you are already out of allowance. When this happens, a salary loan is one of your best options. Payday, lite, and salary loans are perfect when you run out of money, but sure, you will have funds after a week or two.

3. For Investments.

There are several kinds of loans in the Philippines. For example, Vidalia Lending Corp. offers Lite, Personal, Salary, Small Business, and Business loans. Getting a small business loan would be a great choice if you want to invest in a business but need more capital. With Vidalia Lending’s Small Business Loan, you can borrow from P20,000 to P100,000 and choose from 2-12 months payment terms. 

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