There is no denying the fact that this generation is indeed a woke generation. Also, over the past year, 2018, millennials have shown quite an interest in the finance sector. This specifically about financial planning, saving up, budgeting and venturing on investment. Given our dilemma regarding the economic push and pull, there is really no certainty as to every individual’s financial stability.

Millennials have also seemed to become wiser in terms of their personal finances. According to experts, this millennial way of thinking will continue to be of interest, not just this year but for the foreseeable future as well.

With more and more from generation x and y who are looking for other ways to secure their financial future, it is utterly fitting that we divulge on this type of matter. Discussed below are some tips where millennials can save, loan and invest to prepare for the future starting this year, 2019:

Equity Crowdfunding

Equity crowdfunding is usually for start-ups and small to medium scale businesses that lack in the funding sector. This allows other business owners to raise additional capital by offering some of the shares of their company to investors.

Furthermore, this practice also enables other entrepreneurs to become part owners of a business. Investors, however, must take note that this type of investment is a long term commitment. The possible risk that the business could actually fail is something that every investor must take into consideration.

Peer to Peer Lending

In Peer to Peer lending, investors are given the opportunity to take in the role of banks in having other people to borrow money. Investing in Peer to Peer is continuously progressing and its vast growth in the market is one major proof of its effectiveness. Plus, Peer to Peer investment has way higher return rates than banks.

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Live for your lifetime, not for the moment

Considering your financial status, this notion must be applied whenever you are about to make a financial decision. Especially now that social media serve as people’s way of showing off. Often times people seem to use it as a facade to show other people how perfect their lives are. This certainly drive people to compare their lives to others. Social media is full of temptations which, as result, people tend to compete with one another in whose living a superb life.

Instead of comparing yourself to other people, take time to assess your finances. Check your daily, weekly and monthly expenses, savings and goals.

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P2P Investment