There is always an element of risk to every venture. Whether you are planning to set up your own business, thinking of expanding your current business, adding a workforce to it, or preparing to buy more equipment for your growing business. Never let your lack of funding be a hindrance to your steps in moving forward with your business. One option for you to pursue your plans is by applying for a business loan.

However, before you may do so, it is best that you assess first whether you are eligible to apply for that specific type of loan or not. As for most types of financial institutions, there are typical components that these institutions usually look into to check your creditworthiness.

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To help you further in your endeavor, allow us to discuss the following components:


This refers to the money you have personally invested in your business, this money can be found on your financial records.

This allows your lender to check the level of confidence you have in your business. Note that lenders won’t bother risking their money if you have nothing to lose if your business fails.

As for those who do not have the money to fund their business. Your capital may be your business plan. A comprehensive and clear business plan may imply how much dedication and passion you have for your business. YOUR BUSINESS PLAN IS VERY IMPORTANT.


Your lender will need to check all your financial statements and records to know how your business is currently doing.

If you have not yet started your venture, your lender will have to check your personal credit history, as well as income status and current assets and liabilities to assess your eligibility.

On the other hand, if you are a business owner who has been operating with consistent and high profits for the past three years, you are most likely to be granted a business loan.


You also have to consider offering collateral for your business loan. Remember that a secured business plan will most likely have a lower interest rate.

As for your collateral, you may offer the following:

  • Machinery or equipment
  • Any other business assets
  • Your real estate property
  • Personal assets


When we speak of “conditions” there are two things that you must take into great consideration:

  • Your purpose for applying for a business loan
  • The local economic conditions

One important thing to remember is that; as for the local economic conditions, if the current financial status of your industry is bad, then you are less likely to get approved for the loan.


This refers to the general impression you have depicted to your creditor/lender. This will help them determine whether you will be able to pay back your applied loan. Typically, the first thing that your potential creditor/lender will check are records about the following:

  • Past due loans
  • Delinquent credit card
  • Mishandled accounts
  • Legal cases filed against you, your partners, or business

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