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Reasons Why Your Online Loan Application Failed

You did it. You successfully finished your online loan application but what if in the middle of budgeting your “expected approved loan”, you received the news that you didn’t expect? Your loan application actually failed. What would you do now? Well, if you really want to get that loan, you can begin with figuring out where did you go wrong and why your application was denied. So to help you out, here are the possible reasons why. 1. Moving A Lot You might think that this isn’t a factor but not having a permanent house or moving a lot...

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Road to Riches: How to Start a Small Business in the Philippines

It’s a brand new year. We just welcomed 2020 and of course, we are all looking forward to all the opportunities that lie ahead of us. With that, what could be more exciting than getting your own business in mind an awesome kickstart? But then again, here’s one question, do you know how to start a small business in the Philippines?  Starting a business requires not just a big amount of money but at the same time, a great load of effort, patience, and knowledge. Thus, here are some tips to guide you. 1. Identify Your Own Target Market...

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Choosing the Best Peer to Peer Lending for Investors

Investment is all about how much you can risk. However, before you go investing and risking your money, it is important to know that there are actually certain ways to see if a company is legit and trustworthy. Finding all of these traits in one company is ideal but as many attributes that you’ll be able to find, the lower the risk there would be in your investment. 1. Brand Name Recognition Wherever industry you may be, brand name and brand reputation is and always will be the greatest factor every client focuses on. A famous brand name does...

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Borrowing Money 101: Why Use a Business Loan Calculator?

If you are not new to lending, you might have already heard or seen a business loan calculator before. However, the question is, were you able to use it before you apply for the loan? Well, loan calculators vary in different lending platforms. You will see them in different formats but they have the same benefits. Here are some:  Handy Since loan calculators are usually already provided on the online loan platform, it means that you can also easily access them through your mobile phones. Some lending websites and mobile applications even offer their own calculator right at their...

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How to Be Successful in P2P Lending Philippines

As peer-to-peer lending becomes more and more known in our country, many Filipinos try to study, research and come up with strategies to become successful in this specific lending platform. Like any other investment, you will have to grasp how the platform really works, at the same time learn about its advantages and disadvantages. So here are some tips on how to become successful in P2P lending Philippines today. 1. Diversification Well, diversification is an advantage that you will get as you invest in a P2P lending platform. It will help you boost your credit standing and at the...

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