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Different Types of Money Loans to Rescue You This Holiday Season

Christmas is officially here. Do you think you have completed your to-do list? Did you finish buying all the presents for your loved ones? If yes, you must be lucky. However, do you still have any money left in your pockets? What if you run into a sudden emergency and need quick cash? Well, getting a loan is the fastest way to solve your holiday dilemma. Thus, here are some types of money loans you can consider. Although there are a lot of types of loans, there are only a few money loans available for your Christmas expenditures. Plus,...

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Salary Loan and Personal Loan: Is There Any Difference?

“Pangungutang” or borrowing money has been a part of the Filipino culture. Well, financial emergencies are inevitable and thus, we are always left with one choice, getting a loan. Two of the most popular and commonly availed loans are personal and salary loans. However, many people still get confused about the two. Some even think that they are just the same. Well, to make sure that you are being money smart with your loan application it is only a must that you really know their differences. Thus, here is a comparison for you. Defining Salary Loan If you will...

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Must-Know Pros and Cons Before Borrowing Money From Private Lenders

Filipinos are now being modern even in borrowing money. Many are now looking for private lenders to get a personal loan. However, before trying it for yourself, you must be knowledgable enough about it first. Who are these Private Lenders? Dictionary Cambridge defined Private Lenders as an individual, company, or an organization who lend money to people who are usually having a hard time to qualify for bank loans. Filipino private lenders provide short-term personal loans commonly for car buyers, small business owners, and OFWs. They often attract borrowers easily as they offer fast access to funds with a...

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Everything You Need to Know Before Investing in a Consumer Loan

Having a secured future is what everybody wants and getting an investment is the most obvious answer to it. However, with tons of investment opportunities out there, it’s not surprising that you’ll be overwhelmed of where to start or what to choose. Normally, you’ll hear about cash bank deposits, bonds, stocks, mutual funds, real estate, etc. But, have you ever heard about investing in a consumer loan or peer-to-peer lending before? If not, this is the best time for you to take into consideration and know about how it can benefit you. What is a Consumer Loan? Based on...

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Smart Financing: Personal Loan vs. Credit Cards

Using cash to purchase something, especially if its a little expensive is the smartest way in financing. However, life happens and no matter how much saving up you do, there will be times where you do not have any choice but to look for financial support. If you found yourself in this kind of situation, you are more likely to consider using your credit card. However, before jumping into that decision, have you ever heard of the term “personal loans” before? If you did, are you aware of why they are better than credit cards at some point? So...

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