COVID-19 has put all of us on the edge. It affected us physically, mentally, and financially. All of us are trying to survive these trying times, and it is very natural to seek financial help. This is why Vidalia Lending Corp. continuously provides different loan offers to Filipinos. 

If you are looking for a hassle-free loan application, you are in the right place. Since 2008, Vidalia Lending Corp. has helped thousands of Filipinos with financial hurdles. Here are the different loan offers you can find at Vidalia Lending Corp. today!

1. Personal Loan

If you need cash to pay off credit cards, consolidate debt, cover a significant expense, or have a financial emergency you need to attend to, a personal loan is all you need. Vidalia Lending Corp. offers a maximum of P100,000 for deserving personal loan borrowers. All you need to do is visit the personal loan page, click the “Apply Now” button, and you are only a few steps away from your needed cash. 

2. Lite Loan

With a lite loan, you can borrow a minimum of P2,000 and a maximum of P15,000. Vidalia Lending Corp.’s lite loan offers quick cash for urgent needs with 1-2 months payment terms. 

3. Salary Loan

Running out of budget, but payday is still a week away? Vidalia Lending Corp.’s salary loan might be perfect for you. You can borrow up to P50,000, which you can repay in 2-12 months. 

4. Business Loan

Need some business improvement? Launching a new marketing project but need more funds? Vidalia Lending Corp also has a business loan ready for business people like you. Borrow up to P500000 and get a payment term of 2-12 months. Apply online using the Vidalia mobile app or our loan page to get started today!

5. Small Business Loan

Want to invest in new equipment or hire more staff but do not have enough extra funds? Why not check out Vidalia Lending’s Small Business Loan to grow your small business? You can borrow a minimum of P10,000 and a maximum of P100, 000 which you can pay for 2-12 months.

The COVID-19 will push us to our financial limits at some point. This is why Vidalia Lending Corp. provides affordable and hassle-free loans for deserving borrowers like you. Download the Vidalia mobile app, or go to the loan page to apply!

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