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Here are some Investment options for P5000 and above

According to Invetopedia, investment is an asset or an item that is purchased with the hope that will generate income or appreciate in the future. This could be in a form of income or an asset appreciation.  Vidalia Lending offers an investment program with fixed returns. This program is a manage peer-to-peer investing secured by the company itself. If you want to start an investment and you only have P5,000 – here are some investment options that you can choose to start earning for your future. Mutual Funds: For the Newbie Investors Mutual funds allows most of the investors...

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How to Get a Small Business Loan

If  you are planning to establish your own business or innovate your existing business, consider the amount of money that you will need to formulate these goals in the future. In terms of getting funds for your business, why not consider applying for a small business loan? Seeking for potential lenders is essential, but you need to have a clear vision to your business ventures so they can help you with your needs. Here’s some information to help you convince potential lenders to give you the right small business loan for your business. 1. Set your business goal For...

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What is a Personal Loan? How Can I Use It To Consolidate Debts?

What is a Personal loan? A personal loan is a money borrowed by the people from a bank or a non-banking financial companies. This is for them to meet their financial needs. These banks or non- banking financial companies have to assess these individuals based on their income level, credit and employment history, repayment capacity etc. A personal loan is different from a home or a car loan, it doesn’t require any collateral asset. It does not entail any assets such jewelries nor properties once you are not able to oblige with the repayment, unlike home and car loans....

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Smart New ways to invest your money today

Are you tired of dancing to the unstable tune of the stock market? If the complexity of the market as well as the volatility gives you anxiety, keep in mind that there are other, clever ways to invest money aside from stocks and mutual funds. No one has become wealthy by putting all of their money in a mutual fund with a 5% return. In the end you have to diversify your ways of investing and sometimes you have to increase your risk tolerance. Nowadays it is no surprise if more innovative investments are being introduced. Most of these...

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4 Tips to Get a Fast-Approved Personal Loan

If you’re into a big amount of debt and you really want to get out of it, consider taking a personal loan. It usually doesn’t need to have collateral upfront but the lender will charge you a higher interest rate because they do not ask for any guarantee. We’ll talk about the two types of personal loan later. Always remember that you should spend your money wisely and if possible cut the expenses with your credit cards. Now, let’s go back with our main topic here. Since you want to apply for personal loan, here’re some tips for a...

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