It’s already less than 50 days and shoppers have been rushing off their feet to shopping malls in Metro Manila for their Christmas shopping. For a lot of people, Christmas is considered the most expensive time of the year which pushes them to spend more.

Buying gifts, preparing food for Noche Buena, dining in with family and friends on Christmas Eve – all these can empty your wallet unless you know how to save money for this season.

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Here are five tips to help you save money this holiday season:

1. Set a budget

Before you spend your money on things you want to buy as gifts this Christmas, you have to set a budget first. You cannot spend all that you have earned on gifts. Collect all that you have earned and received from work, and start sticking to a reasonable budget.

2. Use store delivery

Nowadays, many online stores give shoppers great convenience when it comes to shopping. Furthermore, it can also make every shopping cost-saving. Most of the online shops offer free shipping, depending on the number of purchases.

You can benefit from the delivery, especially if it’s free or if the cost is lower. What’s more important is that there is no need for you to go to malls and end up in too much spending.

3. Learn to haggle

If you prefer shopping in bazaars or changes, there is an absolute need to haggle. Haggling with sellers is one great way to ask for a discount. Don’t make it a habit to accept the first price they give you unless there is no other store that offers a much lower price. Also, try comparing the prices to other stores and opt for the ones that offer cheaper prices.

4. Go for the gift certificates

If you don’t have money on hand, you can consider giving shopping or dining certificates as one practical gift. With this, it won’t pressure you to buy stuff using your tight budget. You won’t be stressing yourself thinking about what kind of gift you want to give. Once you give your gift certificates, you are letting them decide to choose what they like to buy. While for dining vouchers, you are most likely giving them time to think about when to eat out and with whom.

5. Apply for a personal loan

However, if you haven’t saved any money for this coming Christmas, you can apply for a personal loan, or borrow money from Vidalia Lending. Acquiring a personal loan will help you lessen your worries about your expenses. You will enjoy your holiday experience!

Can’t stop thinking about how you are going to save money this coming holiday season? Don’t fret as Vidalia Lending is always on the go to provide you with financial assistance when you are running out of money! Contact our support team to assist you as you apply for a personal loan.

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