Entering adulthood has its pro’s and con’s, starting from having your own job, earning your own money, making life decisions that will affect you in the long run and so on. It can be pretty overwhelming for young adults, but developing a good financial habit is one smart move to secure your monetary needs in the future. There’s no better time to start being responsible with your own finances than now. Start as early as possible.

Follow these 3 steps and enjoy their perks ahead of time:

Learn to balance debts payments and savings.

As young adults who just began to jump start a career, deciding whether to start paying debts or when to start saving up might be a little puzzling for some. Considering the amount of student loans you have to pay and the pressure of securing your financial stability, you have to start managing your hard earned cash as early as possible. Let’s say you can dispense P4,000 from your salary to your debt payments and into your savings. Think about allocating half (P2,000) to your debts and the other half (P2, 000) to your savings. You’ll never know when an emergency will take place. You still need extra fund for unexpected emergencies, so don’t just pour it all out in your debts.

Save for your retirement now.

A lot of millennials tend to overindulge in themselves as they start to earn their own money. Instead of buying other unnecessary material things which you won’t be really needing in your daily living, why not start saving for your future retirement? Remember, the younger you start, the earlier you can retire. As young adults, your best financial asset is “time”. Retiring at a young age without having to worry about money matters is an achievement! You can focus on yourself, explore the world and enjoy life while you’re still strong or even focus on your own family.


Choosing to Invest might probably be the smartest decision you’ll ever make in your early twenties. A lot of young adults might objectify to this type of idea thinking that “it is too early to start investing”. However, think about this, the younger you are, the better time for you to start investing. Investing in your early twenties gives you an edge, the earlier you start the longer you are able to earn.

Start investing as early as possible and improve your quality of life in the future! With Vidalia peer to peer lending platform, you can now invest on the various loans. Apply online and join for as low as P5,000.

Here’s a list of investment options for your reference:

  • Short term: BPI Short Term Fund. For a minimum initial investment of P10,000 and additional transactions of at least P1,000, you can get started in the world of investment. If you need liquidity and stable income, this is a good first fund to try.
  • Medium term: Metrobank Max-3 Bond Fund. Do you already have an investment horizon of at least 1 year? Look into this fund, which is for young professionals who’ve already built up a savings fund and have a moderate risk tolerance. The initial participation is P50,000, with minimum additional participation of P25,000.
  • Medium to long term: BDO Equity Fund. If you have an aggressive risk appetite and want potentially higher returns, and can afford to stay invested for more than three years to maximize your money’s earning potential, check this fund out. The minimum investment is P10,000, and the minimum additional is also P10,000.

Be a part of our growing family and let us help you get ahead of your personal finances as early as possible! You can visit our website now and learn more about our terms and services. Fill out our online form for your application and start earning!

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