No matter how much we want to be financially independent, there are times when we have no other choice. In times of emergency, we end up borrowing some money. Lending or financing is the means of providing money or property to someone with the expectation that it will be repaid after a certain period. However, when it comes to the business industry, lending refers to so much more. Please ensure that before you lend money, you know about the different types of money lenders and know which can help you.

Commercial Loan Classifications

Lenders lay down funds for several reasons. These loans are termed based on how the borrowed money will be used.

  • Mortgage
  • Personal Loans
  • Small Business Loan
  • Business Loan

So, as you know, lenders are far from shareholders. If you use the money for your business, the lenders will not be a part of your corporation, and they technically do not own your business.

The Lenders

Investopedia defines ” lenders ” as an individual, private or public group, or financial institution that offers funds to someone expecting to be paid in return. Consequently, the repayment will come with the interest fees, which can be paid monthly or lump sum.

Types of Money Lenders

As we all know, the most common types of lenders include credit unions, banks, and other financial institutions. However, as people’s financing needs continue to grow, the term has also expanded to other sources of funds, such as:

Family and Friends

Firstly, the very basics of lending. Filipinos tend to borrow or ask for money from friends and family. However, getting a loan from someone you know involves personal issues that can complicate your life. To avoid this, you must create a loan agreement.


Intelligent business owners tend to separate their funds from their business funds, especially if it’s not a solo business. If your business needs extra financing, consider borrowing it yourself instead of investing in it. However, to ensure you will be repaid, you must write a contract that says you are the lender. Could you tell me when you need to be repaid and include the consequences if the business dodges the payment?

Peer-to-Peer Lending

Peer-to-peer lending is one of the most used lending platforms today. This lending process allows individuals to acquire loans from others, which is the main reason why it is also called crowdlending or social lending. P2P lending companies usually function online and use their websites to connect lenders to borrowers.

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Crowdfunding uses social media and other websites to gather entrepreneurs and investors to collect small amounts of capital to finance a new business venture. Kickstarter is known to be the most prominent crowdfunding website as of 2019. Since the website was launched in 2009, it has funded over 160,000 projects. The best thing is that they do not require any interest fees.

Need help with what to choose? Before looking for a lender, finalize what kind of loan you need or if you have any collateral to offer. Consider all the factors affecting your loan application approval and read all the requirements.

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