Summertime has finally come in the Philippines. It is a season full of opportunities, whether you want to have some fun or you want to do something worthwhile. One way to make the most of your summer days is by starting your own business. 

There are plenty of summer ideas to explore. Nevertheless, you may encounter some financial difficulties along the way. Worry not! With the help of business loans, you can take advantage of the bustling sunny season for your business. 

To help you figure out what’s best for you, we will discuss some of the best summer business ideas in this blog. Continue reading to learn more. 

Why Start a Business in the Summer Season in PH

Starting a business during the summer season can be advantageous for several reasons. 

For one, it opens seasonal opportunities to cater to the crowds including tourists, vacationers, or people who just want to enjoy their free time from school and work. 

With many activities to do under the sun, people tend to spend more money on leisure activities, self-improvement, and refreshing food and beverages to beat the heat. 

Furthermore, the festive mood and numerous local fiestas create a vibrant market environment and attract more tourists conducive to business promotions and openings

Hence, the summer season opens more gateways for businesses offering refreshments and services catering to people on vacation who just want to relax or who plan to be more productive during summer. 

What are the Best Summer Business Ideas

Here are some business ideas that might be profitable this summer: 

Halo-Halo Stand

Halo-halo is a hit in the Philippines, especially during hot months. You can take advantage of the popularity of this refreshing dessert with shaved ice, various sweet ingredients, and evaporated milk by setting up your halo-halo stand. 

Still, you may be worried about how you can finance this business. No need to worry, business loans can offer you the support you need. With a business loan, you can set up your stand at local fairs, parks, or busy street corners and you’re good to go!

Fresh Fruit Stand

Fresh fruits are well-sought during sunny days as it is one way to refresh your body while enjoying the sun. You can take advantage of the abundance of summer fruits by opening a fruit stand with a business loan. 

To boost your sales and attract customers during this season, you can offer locally sourced and hydrating fruits such as watermelon, mangoes, oranges, cucumber, kiwis, and guavas. 

Water Refilling Station

According to the PAGASA, the Philippines is expected to experience a warmer period compared to the year 2023, indicating that the country could experience a hot summer season. With the rise in temperatures, you should be wary of heat stroke. Thus, making staying hydrated essential. 

Due to the need for hydration, water refilling stations can be a lucrative business during this period. You can provide your community with purified water in refillable containers. Also, you can offer delivery services to cater to your customers’ convenience. 

Pet Sitting

As of March 2024, approximately millions of vacationers traveled in the Philippines or even abroad. This includes foreigners or even the local Filipinos. Some of these numbers are pet owners. With that in mind, you can come up with a good business. 

As many pet owners travel during the summer, they need someone to take care of their pets while they are away. You can start a pet-sitting business with a business loan and offer services such as pet feeding, walking, and grooming, and provide peace of mind to pet owners while they’re on vacation. 

Car Wash Business

There is a strong demand for car wash services as people head out on road trips and summer vacations. Start your own car wash business by investing in materials and equipment. 

Then, you can provide comprehensive cleaning services to keep cars looking their best all summer long. 

Laundry Business

Summer means more outdoor activities and, consequently, more laundry. You could take advantage of this market opportunity by starting a laundry business. 

For increased convenience, you should consider offering pickup and delivery alternatives in addition to laundry, drying, and folding services to families and busy individuals.

Tutoring Business

Students can get prepared for the next school year or catch up on their studies during the summer. Hence, you can think about launching a tutoring business if you are good at a certain subject or ability. 

You can help kids of all ages succeed academically by providing them with in-person or online individualized tutoring sessions.

Pool Cleaning and Maintenance

Summertime fun is often associated with pools, but they need to be cleaned and maintained regularly. 

If you are skilled in pool upkeep and cleaning, take advantage of this market by launching your own business. You can provide services with a business loan including chemical balancing, equipment maintenance, and pool cleaning to keep swimming pools in optimal condition all year long.

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The summer season presents a wealth of opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs. Whether you’re interested in food and beverage ventures, service-based businesses, or educational pursuits, there’s a summer business idea to suit your interests and skills. With the support of business loans, you can turn your entrepreneurial vision into a successful reality and make the most of the sunny season ahead. 

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