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Vidalia Lending Corporation is a micro lending company with a mission of providing monetary lending services to Filipinos. Both our loan products are created to help you achieve your goals, no matter what they are. At Vidalia Lending Corporation, our mission is to aid Filipinos who are in need of financial assistance. We seek to be the credit source of your choice whenever you need help with money matters. Found below are the two loan products we offer, both of which are offered to help you regardless of your situation.

Personal Loan

This is a multipurpose loan product–it can be used for various purposes. This can be availed by almost any Filipino who has a steady source of income.

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Salary Loan

This loan product is offered exclusively for salaried individuals, or professionals with regular employment status at their respective companies. Only regular employees are welcome to apply.

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E-Commerce Loan program gives small online merchants immediate access to short-term working capital at competitive interest rate and flexible payment terms.

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Business Loan

Business loan product is designed to assist small and medium enterprise (SME) owners by providing additional cash that can be used to fund expansion or support the purchase of new equipment.

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